Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Elk City ( was scheduled in Retrop), Oklahoma

Sudden fall thunder storms were things that cattle herders were constantly on the lookout for. Just a few lightening bolts or claps of thunder could turn a passive herd into a deadly nightmare on hooves. And so it was this week when the trail boss, peering into her weather prediction crystal ball, decided that it would be best for the trail ride to push harder and go all the way to Elk City rather than take the chance on the bad weather predicted for Retrop, Oklahoma.

So the riders pushed on for a whopping 31 miles on this date and settled into camp in Elk City with an extra day of rest and protection from storms.

Can you imagine seeing three thousand of these shiny eyes on a dark moonlit night...I'd be singing to myself too!
Photo by elderbob. Posted by Hello

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