Monday, October 25, 2004

...Keeping in touch...

Well, your adventure has finally drawn to a close. It's a bit sad in a way, but it should also mark a joyful chapter in your lives. You accomplished a remarkable feat and I personally applaud you for that.

I am already getting comments and emails from people about how to keep up with the friends that they made on the ride. I am going to leave the blog up for as long as people will continue to use it. If you would like to post comments here for all to read, then please post them on this page. This way, people can come back here periodically and see what new comments have been posted.

I have an entry for just about everyday of the trip. A number of those entries have photos of people whose names I didn't quite get. If you see your picture, note the date and email me and tell me your name and I will go back and make sure we can identify you correctly. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I might also note that one of the great things about "blogs" such as this one is the ability to go back and add things. If you had a very memorable experience in any town along the way, go back to that date, and click on the "comments" section and tell us about it. This is your use it in the best way you see fit.

I have been adding interviews along the way, and I want to make sure you know where they are and which ones are new, so here is the currently list. I will try to make corrections to this list as soon as I post something new. I still have T.R.Fehrenbach history entries (these are almost ready) and I am still trying to reach Larry McMurtry for an interview, so check back often:

  • Interview with Mrs. Kraisinger – Co-Author of "The Western, The Greatest Texas Cattle Trail" - Sept 9 (New)

  • IInterview with Frank Sharp –Expert on the history of the Spanish cattle or Longhorn - Sept 13

  • Elderbob's Fireside Chat: an Interview with Fayette Yates

    Interview with Fayette Yates – Third generation Longhorn breeder - Sept 13
  • Green Horn Weekend – My first personal experience on the trail at Rockwood - Sept 16

  • Elmer Kelton Interview – Great interview about the history of the Cowboy by one of Texas most prolific western writers - Sept 20

  • Robert Wanat Interview – His hobby is tracking down the earliest cattle brand in each county and then creating a miniature replica of that brand, and finally burnishing the brand onto a piece of cowhide shaped into a map of Texas. - Sept. 23

  • Interview with Lester Galbraith – Retired administrator of Fort Griffin State Park. Few are as knowledgeable about the history of Fort Griffin and the area. - Sept 24

  • Interview with Dr. Andres Tijerina – Expert on the Texan influence on the trail rides. - Sept 30

  • Interview with Dr. Turner – An outstanding interview about the trail rides and the history of western Oklahoma and the Indian Territories. - Oct.4 (New)

  • Lee Hale at the Campfire – The greatest story teller of the ride. - October 9

  • Interview with Red Steagall – A history of Cowboy Music - October 14 (New)

  • Elderbob's Fireside Chat: an Interview with John Erikson

    Elderbob interviews Hank the Cow-dog creator, John Erickson. – Some chat on why animals had such an important role in the life of cowboys and the "cowboy way" - Oct. 18 (New)

  • Interview with Jim Sherer – A great interview with the Director of the Kansas Heritage Center on the history of Dodge City and the cattle drives. - October 22 (New)

So many of you have wonderful stories to tell about this ride. I want you to be able to share those stories with others. If you think your story needs to be posted here, don't wait for me to call you, write me an email instead or call me, and give me a bit of background and a phone number, so I can call you and interview you over the phone or I can give you a phone number where you can post your story directly to the blog. My email is: . If you are not sure if you want to post it, call me and we can talk about it (972-660-2287).

Finally, I still have a lot of space to host additional photos. I certainly can't put all the photos that everyone took on the blog, but I would be more than happy to host one or two of your favorite photos. Digitize them and send them to me at Try to tell me what the caption should be and I will gladly add that.

...the Trail Boss... Posted by Hello

One final, comment... I couldn't be there with you everyday, but I knew where you were, and I could imagine what it must have felt like. My experience with you all was wonderful, whether I was there in person or virtual. You are all awesome folks and I truly hope you will remain in touch. Feel free to call or write me anytime. Thanks for the experience.


elderbob - the blog boss said...

NOTE: This comment came to me in an email, so I am posting it under my name just so anyone can see it. I left the signature intact. Thanks for the comments.


Bob: Please post this message to all those who rode The Ride. It was a life changing experience for me and a blessing for me to have ridden with all of you on the ride. I will never forget you and the fun, the laughter and the joy of just getting on my horse and seeing all of your faces each and every morning. Hoping to meet you on the trail of another ride. Sincerely,

Lila and Hootie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,
I was able to ride 100 miles with you in my back yard of Central Texas and I had one of the greatest times on a horse of my life. I learned many things from many of you. Thanks to each of you. I hope to see you on my next certain trail ride. The Cowpokes for Kids ride in Star,Tx is a pretty little weekend ride and is in May. Come on out and look me up.
Happy Trails,
David Schulze, Goldthwaite,Tx

SusNyrop said...

I've never even been to Texas or any other US state. I'm on the other side of the ocean in Denmark. But I've been following this trail per blog, as well as its making by Elderbob the Great blog boss. It's been amazing. Listening to all these interviews, looking at pictures and finding the locations on a map. And then, in a Google search, I stumbled over another historic (photo) trail in California, Lassen County. Where I learned that the founder of California is said to be Peter Lassen who founded Susanville, he was a pioneer and a smith who immigrated from - Farum where I live! I've heard his name before and I see his memorial three minutes from my home every now and then, but now his life and destiny came so much closer to me - inspired by this very blog...