Friday, September 24, 2004

Cliff Teinert's Collin Creek Ranch - Fort Griffin, Texas

Arrival at Steinert Ranch, just outside the fence at Fort Griffin State Park.
Photo by Eric Seeger, Have Camera Will Travel Posted by Hello

The trail riders stayed at Cliff Teinert's Collins Creek Ranch overnight. It's a lovely ranch and we had the pleasure of staying under a beautiful clear night sky full of stars and an almost full moon.

When Fort Griffin was at it's apogee, the oaks and mesquite of the area were minimal. The soldiers could sit on top of the overlook of Fort Griffin and look down on miles of grassland covered with trail drives, indians and the town below. Today, it is hard to imagine how much has changed.

Just down below the ranch is old Fort Griffin . The Fort Griffin State park marks the site of historic Fort Griffin and home of one of the wildest of the original towns on the Western Trail. Listen to the interview below to find out more about the town and the Fort and the events that surrounded both:

The Towns and Settlements of the Western Trail:

Fort Griffin and The Flats:

Here is an interview with Lester Galbraith regarding Fort Griffin and the area. Mr. Galbraith was Park Ranger at Fort Griffin for over 30 years. He has a unigue knowledge base to tell us about a real frontier town and Fort along the Western Trail, "The Flats" and "Fort Griffin".

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