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Fredericksburg - German Settlement founded in 1846 in heart of Comanche country

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The trail ride will be spending two nights here.

Fredericksburg was the second settlement established by the Adlesverein or German Emigrations Company, after New Braunfels. John O. Meusebach's survey party had been so impressed with the abundance of water and the way the geography reminded them of their homeland, that they chose this spot as a settlement in 1845. All this was part of President Sam Houston's grand plan to bring more settlers to the independent Republic of Texas.

It must have been a good choice, because in two years over a 1000 people populated the area around the settelement. There was soon a wagon road from Fredericksburg to Austin and a peace treaty was signed with the Comanche, who had once plagued the area. As the Civil War came along, the community tried to isolate itself from the rest of the world and not get involved. Even after the war, the settlers tried to maintain their strong sense of independence by speaking only German. Eventually the offers of trade with the outside world helped break down this barrier and the community became an intergral part of Texas' growth.

Today, one cannot think of Fredericksburg without recalling its restored, vibrant downtown full of shop on the original main street, many businesses still occupying the original business buildings. Spring brings an abundance of the beauty of Texas wildflowers and later some of the best Peaches you ever put in your mouth. The area is rich in history and was one of the primary stops on the Western Trail.

...the streets of Fredericksburg...
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