Sunday, September 12, 2004

Katemcy Ranch

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...the road to Katemcy Ranch...

(Photo by Eric Seeger, Have Camera Will Travel)Posted by Hello

Originally called Cootsville, the town of Katemcy was reputed to be the location of the signing of a peace treaty between the German Texas settlers and the Comanche Indians. The friction between the indians and the whites is an integral part of the Western Trail. Much of the trail follows the line of settlements and Forts that were loosely designated as the western boundary of civilization. The Comanche were a very powerful nation dealing independentely with both the Republic of Texas and the United States as well as the German settlers in this case. Here in May,1847, Comanche Chief Ketemoczy signed a peace treaty with John O. Meusebach that is still in effect today. Twenty years later, the Comanche nation had essentially lost it's battle with the white settlers and were primarily found on reservations. See the link below for a history of the Comanche Nation.

One of the Trail Guides at an original rock water tank from the Western Trail. Posted by Hello

This is what remains of an original rock pen from the Western Trail. Posted by Hello


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