Thursday, September 30, 2004

Vernon, Texas - Rest Day

The Cowboys and Cowgirls:

Howdeee, Podnuh....!!!
Shelly Crowe, a cowgirl who has spent extra time bringing cheer to school kids and nursing home residents all along the trail, greets a group of 2nd and 3rd graders in Vernon.
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The cowboys and cowgirls of the Western Trail have been greatly romanticized over time. They were often so young, desperately in need of work, not afraid to do what was needed and skilled around animals. There was a cultural mix of European, Tejano, African-American, and other cultures. There were both male and female riders. I will be adding some information here about cowboys as we go along the trail so check back often for new information.

Tejano Cowboys:
One third of all the cowboys of the Western Trail were either Tejano (Mexican/Spanish decent) or African-American. I interviewed the author Dr. Andres Tijerina regarding his point of view of how the Tejano cowboy culture affected the Western Trail:

This is part one of the interview with Dr. Tijerina:

This is part two of the interview with Dr. Tijerina:

European (American) Cowboys (check back later)

Black Cowboys (check back later)

The Cowgirls (check back later)

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