Wednesday, July 02, 2008

(Photo by William Addington - WilliaMedia)
...time to return to the trail...
Ok, so it's been almost four years. The blog is still sitting here, though now and then it collects a bit of dust. It has lost a bit of it's shine...some of the interviews and photos are missing, and people find and comment on it less often now. But I leave it here because it meant something to a lot of folks.

Not long ago, David and his wife, Heather Burrell, contacted me to let me know that plans were underway to do the trail drive again, only this time in reverse. I told them right away, that I wanted to be involved in some capacity.

So it was no real surprise to get a call a couple of days back from Heather, to let me know that there would be a Re-union of the 2004 ride, in Bandera over the 4th of July holiday. I can't make the reunion because of previously made plans, but I wanted to pass on the information to anyone who still has their aggregator set to monitor for changes in this blog.

I also wanted folks to know that this time around, I had more advance notice of the ride, and that this time, I would be doing much more pre-ride work so that it would serve more as a guide to the ride itself. I was already planning to resurrect the blog, and to start writing about some of the places that I had visited along the trail since 2004. I also needed to find some of the missing links so that the blog was more intact (for example, most of the recordings were missing...I have found those and am in the process of restoring them).

So here is what you need to know, the Great Western Trail website is full of all the information you need to keep you up-to-date on the status of the ride, and on the Re-union. Please stop by and say hello to everyone.

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